• DVI 17M (Analogue) to VGA HD15F Adaptor

     Online Price$17.00 $4.00

    Details DVI 17M (ANALOGUE) TO VGA HD15F

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  • DVI-D Female to HDMI Male Adaptor

     Online Price$19.00 $6.00

    Details High quality DVI-D Female to HDMI Male adaptor. This adapter may be used to connect devices fitted with HDMI connectors (such as TV tuner cards ; DVD players) with devices fitted with DVI-D connectors (such as LCD monitors and some LCD /Plasma TVs) via a DVI-D cable. Connector 1 DVI-D Female (24 pin)Connector 2 HDMI Male (19 pin)

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  • Mini DVI to DVI Cable L=20CM

     Online Price$16.00 $3.00

    Details High quality Mini DVI Male to DVI Female adaptor with 20cm cable. Use this adapter to convert any Mini DVI port into a standard DVI Female port, allowing you to connect a DVI monitor or projector with a Mini DVI source (video card or notebook) via a standard DVI-D or DVI-I cable.Specifications Connector 1 Mini DisplayPort Male (20 pin) Connector 2 DVI Female (24 pin) Cable Length 20 cm

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