• Sunix ECL1400 Gigabit LAN ExpressCard

     Online Price$55.00 $39.00

    Details Sunix’s ECL1400 ExpressCard, offers you new high-speed, easy to use, low cost module standard from PCMCIA. Sunix’s ExpressCard also offers user other advantages such as better integration into the OS, smaller size, and robust designed for ease of handling, carried around in pockets, plugged in and removed from systems.Specifications Type ExpressCard 34mm wide Interface Extension ExpressCard Mode One-lane 2.5 Gbps PCI Express Speed Max. 2.5 Gbps OS Support Read More

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  • Sunix ECP1000 1-port IEEE1284 Parallel ExpressCard

     Online Price$134.00 $111.00

    Details SUNIX ECP1000 was created to meet the need of the ExpressCard market where notebooks, desktops, and docking stations could add one additional IEEE1284 Parallel LPT port via a single slim-type 34 /54mm ExpressCard slot. ECP1000 equips SUNIX high performance and realizable chipset, SUN1989 and as well built with many of SUNIX advanced features and technologies, making it the best solution for commercial and industrial automation applications. Users will benefit from ExpressCard plug-n-play ease Read More

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